Invest in smart planning and have a successful project


At Karen Clothier Design & Interiors, the mission is to create beautiful and inspirational designs and spaces for you, the client; interiors that reflect your personal lifestyle and taste by listening to, understanding, and interpreting the manner in which you wish to live in and use these spaces. This is done through dedication and professionalism, providing the highest level of customer service throughout the design process, until your desired design and space is achieved. Your satisfaction is my inspiration.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide you with a Design Consultation and to learn more about you and your project.

A Design Consultation is a great way to begin designing your space and provide you with valuable insight as you begin the process.

An initial Design Consultation is a 2-hour onsite visit. The consultation fee for the 2-hour session is $250. 

For some clients, an initial consultation is enough to provide them with a solid place to start and spring board from. For others, the realization that the scope of the project may be better conveyed for planning, implementation, and completion. If you decide to partner with Karen Clothier Design & Interiors to complete your design, the initial consultation fee of $250 is credited back to you at the end of the project.

If you decide to take the suggestions and implement them yourself, I have found that the investment in smart planning at the beginning of a successful project is of great benefit throughout the entire process.

If any of these scenarios is familiar to you, call or email today and let’s get started:

“We’re not sure where to begin, We need HELP..... Please!”
 “I have an idea of what I am looking for, but I would love to have a second opinion to determine if what I want is actually possible and to understand costs if I move forward”.
“I know exactly what I want, but I have never renovated and I think it would be best if I work with a professional regarding budget, trades, and project management.”
“I would love you to create a design concept for me that my husband and I could implement on our own.”

Thank you for the consideration!